Registration Fees

Registration Fees
Select Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
FJ091-242 Laptop Fee Tech fee. ALL STUDENTS are required to pay. a Laptop will be issued to each student. FIXED Taylor,Christy N/A NA NA $20.00
FJ091-1 Registration Fee All students (except STEPS and virtual only) are required to pay this fee. FIXED Leviner,Mandi All NA NA $30.00
FJ091-2 Senior Fee Prom/graduation expenses, senior awards night expenses, senior gift and any other senior related expenses for the year. (This is in addition to the registration fee.) FIXED Leviner,Mandi N/A NA NA $30.00
FJ091-248 Student Parking Tags **No Refunds** Valid Driver's License and Vehicle Registration are REQUIRED before tag is issued. Pick up in office. FIXED Leviner,Mandi N/A NA NA $10.00
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