Williams Secondary Montessori

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AZ518-28 Art Fees (High School) Jerome,Grace All NA 1/19/2018 $25.00
These fees will be used for supplies and additional materials used in High School Art
AZ518-27 Art Lab Fees (Middle School) Jerome,Grace All NA 1/19/2018 $20.00
These fees will cover the cost of projects and supplies student will be participating in
AZ518-34 Blue Ridge Williams,Brian All NA 3/2/2018 $120.00
Students will be working together in group activities to encourage each other to remain optimistic, confident, to exercise good judgement and to try to accomplish tasks on their own, with the help and encouragement from peers. Students will also be in the
AZ518-30 Fishing Intersession Mahar,Mindy All NA 4/9/2018 $120.00
Student will learn: Safety, State and local fishing laws, difference between casters, reel setup, how to know what type of bait to use. Guided Questions: How do humans impact aquatic environments, how can humans work together, how do biotic and abioti
AZ518-10 Forensics Science Lab Nelson,Katherine All NA 8/30/2017 $10.00
Fees to supports Forensics Labs
AZ518-26 ID Badge Replacement Donna,Rice All NA 10/19/2017 $5.00
Lost ID Badge fee
AZ518-25 Planner Replacement Mahar,Mindy All NA 10/20/2017 $3.00
Fee to replace lost planner
AZ518-9 Science Lab (High School) Nelson,Katherine All NA 8/30/2017 $10.00
Support misc. items to be used in Science Lbs
AZ518-8 Science Lab (Middle School) Williams ,Brian All NA 8/29/2017 $10.00
Support misc. items to be used in Science Lbs
AZ518-29 Spring Intersession High School Nelson,Katherine All NA 4/9/2018 $60.00
The fee covers the cost of materials and transportation during the Do it Yourself Spring Intersession Course. The intersession fee will cover the following: Intersession journal, student transportation to and from the McColl Center for Art and Innovation
AZ518-33 Spring Intersession Sports Lyons,Megan All NA 4/9/2018 $75.00
This intersession, will explore sports and the role they have played in our culture as individuals, Carolinas and Americans.
AZ518-32 Spring Intersession: Scratch Cooking Monroe,Ali All NA 4/9/2018 $65.00
Learn the benefits and how to cook from scratch using local ingredients and the importance of cooking from scratch. Students will also learn to budget, shop and prepare meals
AZ518-21 Yearbooks Monroe,Ali All NA 10/6/2017 $35.00
Middle/High school preoreder