Rocky River High

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AZ475-47 "Paint Your Parking Spot for Seniors" Gillespie,Sarah 12th NA 10/16/2017 $20.00
Paint your parking spot fundraiser includes fees, paints and school pride event. "Seniors only" will be allow to pay to design their own parking space. Please see Ms. Gillespie - C216 or Ms. Wolford - C213. Event for Football Senior Night on Oct.27th
AZ475-42 AOIT(Academy of Information Technology Wilson,Brenda All NA 10/1/2017 $30.00
AOIT- will include dues, student's t-shirt and help with some academy functions for students.
AZ475-18 Diversity Club Cruz,Miriam All NA 9/19/2017 $10.00
Club membership dues
AZ475-24 JROTC- Hooded Sweatshirt Eason,Tyron All NA 8/10/2017 $19.20
JROTC- Black Hooded Sweatshirt for cadets. Submit shirt sizes to Col. Eason with OSP order confirmation.
AZ475-23 JROTC-Long Sleeve T-Shirt Eason,Tyron All NA 8/10/2017 $14.40
JROTC- Black (Long Sleeve) Shirts for cadets. Submit shirt sizes to Col. Eason with OSP order confirmation.
AZ475-22 JROTC-Short Sleeve T-Shirts Eason,Tyron All JROTC 8/10/2017 $9.60
JROTC -Black (Short Sleeve) Shirts for cadets. Submit t-shirt size to Col. Eason with OSP order confirmation
AZ475-9 Junior Class Dues Barber,Sherry 11th NA 10/17/2017 $35.00
Jr. Class Council dues (11th graders) includes: Jr. Class breakfast and other planned activities.
AZ475-5 Parking Passes Eason,Tyron N/A NA 8/10/2017 $25.00
Parking passes for 10th - 12th grade students that drive a car to school.
AZ475-31 Photography Thorpe,Leika All NA 9/7/2017 $30.00
Students will pay for camera use, materials, and communal supplies.
AZ475-15 Senior Class Dues/ Fees Wolford,Chelsey 12th NA 10/9/2017 $70.00
Senior class dues for all 12th graders. Dues includes 2017-18 student yearbook, senior activities, senior t-shirt, and other school pride activities. Payment options: Full payment - $70 or two 1/2 payments - $35 by Nov.21, 2017. For details, see Ms. Wolfo
AZ475-45 Senior Class Dues/ partial fees Wolford,Chelsey All NA 10/9/2017 $35.00
Senior Class dues - This is only for partial payment use. Senior Dues/ fees are a total of $70.00 This option is for: 2 payments of $35 and must be paid in full by Nov.21, 2017. Please see description of dues under Senior Class Dues or see Ms. Wolford. (C