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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Mr. Aguedelo's field trip AZ450-27 AZ450-27 Mr. Aguedelo's field trip Discovery Place Aguedelo,Mario N/A NA NA $18.00
Mr. Molina Field Trip AZ450-23 AZ450-23 Mr. Molina Field Trip Carowinds Molina,Valentin 05 NA NA $34.50
Ms. Noel's field trip AZ450-26 AZ450-26 Ms. Noel's field trip Discovery Place Noel,Rachel N/A NA NA $18.00
Ms. Quesada's field trip AZ450-25 AZ450-25 Ms. Quesada's field trip Discovery Place Orleyda,Quesada N/A NA NA $18.00
Ms. Troutman's field trip AZ450-24 AZ450-24 Ms. Troutman's field trip Discovery Place Troutman,Alexis N/A NA NA $18.00
Ms. Waller:  NJHS Dues AZ450-12 AZ450-12 Ms. Waller: NJHS Dues NJHS Waller,Lillie N/A NA NA $25.00
Ms. White:  Recorders AZ450-13 AZ450-13 Ms. White: Recorders Recorders Kristina,White N/A NA NA $4.50
Ms.Waite Field Trip AZ450-22 AZ450-22 Ms.Waite Field Trip Carowinds Waite,Cara 05 NA NA $34.50
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