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Art Fee/Weide 2018-19 AZ411-180 AZ411-180 Art Fee/Byer /2019-2020 art fee for Ms. Byer Byer,Ashley All NA 8/27/2018 $25.00
Beta Club Activity Fee AZ411-299 AZ411-299 Beta Club Activity Fee Beta club activity fee helps to cover supplies, snacks etc... Smith,Nichole N/A NA NA $20.00
Ceramics/Dickson/2018-19 AZ411-47 AZ411-47 Ceramics/Dickson/2019-2020 Ceramics Class Dickson,James All NA 8/27/2018 $30.00
Chorus Beginning AZ411-44 AZ411-44 Chorus Class fee/Bumgardner/2019-2020 Chorus class fee Bumgardner,Eugene All NA 8/25/2016 $25.00
Chorus Donations/2019-20 AZ411-VAR9 AZ411-VAR9 Chorus Donations/2019-20 Donations can be made to the chorus program in any $ amount through this option Bumgardner,Eugene N/A NA NA $0.00
Chromebook Damage/Repair/Keyboard/2019-20 AZ411-343 AZ411-343 Chromebook Damage/Repair/Keyboard/2019-20 Chromebook Damage to Keyboard Wallace,Barbara N/A NA NA $47.99
Chromebook Damage/Repair/Screens 2019-20 AZ411-342 AZ411-342 Chromebook Damage/Repair/Screens 2019-20 Chromebook Screen Damage Wallace,Barbara N/A NA NA $27.99
Chromebook Lost Charger/2019-20 AZ411-345 AZ411-345 Chromebook Lost Charger/2019-20 Chromebook Lost Charger 45w USB-C Wallace,Barbara N/A NA NA $21.00
Chromebook/Cracked Case/2019-20 AZ411-346 AZ411-346 Chromebook/Cracked Case/2019-20 Chromebook cracked case, total replacement of Chromebook Wallace,Barbara N/A NA NA $191.00
Coffee Cart/2019-20 AZ411-333 AZ411-333 Coffee Cart/2019-20 Coffee fundraiser to support EC department Make your purchase online, an email will generate to Mr. Terrell for your order on that day. Terrell,Amefika N/A NA NA $1.00
Coffee Cart/2019-20 AZ411-332 AZ411-332 Coffee Cart/2019-20 Coffee fundraiser to support EC department Make your purchase online, an email will generate to Mr. Terrell for your order on that day. Terrell,Amefika N/A NA NA $1.00
Art Fee/Elshoff/2018-19 AZ411-235 AZ411-235 Craft Fee/Elshoff/2019-2020 Crafts class Elshoff,Kristina All NA 8/27/2018 $25.00
DANCE AZ411-126 AZ411-126 DANCE/2019-2020 Dance class fee Church,Makayla All NA NA $25.00
Drama/Tech Theater/Allemond 2017-18 AZ411-25 AZ411-25 DRAMA CLASS FEE/Allemond 2019-20 DRAMA CLASS FEE Allemond,Lillian All Drama Fee 8/25/2017 $15.00
HEADLINER T-SHIRTS/2019-20 AZ411-301 AZ411-301 HEADLINER T-SHIRTS/2019-20 HEADLINER T-SHIRTS/2019-20 Theatre department Allemond,Lillian N/A NA NA $10.00
Historical Monuments/Donations 22020 AZ411-VAR12 AZ411-VAR12 Historical Monuments/Donations/2020 Donations for ft Andrews,Kia N/A NA NA $0.00
Key Club/Conner/2019-20 AZ411-295 AZ411-295 Key Club/Conner/2019-20 Key Club fees Conner,Anne All Key Club 9/6/2018 $30.00
Art/Watson 2018-19 AZ411-185 AZ411-185 Media Arts/Visual Arts/Lyle/2019-2020 Media arts/Visual Arts class fee Lyle,Ellen All NA 8/27/2018 $25.00
MEDIA FEES/2019-20 AZ411-VAR7 AZ411-VAR7 MEDIA FEES/2019-20 Fee/payment for a lost, damaged or overdue book. Contact Mr. Brookshire in the media center for details. Brookshire,David N/A NA NA $0.00
National Honor Society AZ411-58 AZ411-58 National Honor Society/Honor Cords/2019-20 NHS Honor cords, gold and royal blue Booth,Melissa All NHS 4/17/2018 $10.00
NTHS  20117/18 AZ411-96 AZ411-96 NTHS/Honor Cords/2019-20 Honor cords for National technical honor society/silver and purple Booth,Melissa All NA 4/23/2018 $10.00
Orchestra/Pickney AZ411-30 AZ411-30 Orchestra/Guitar/Smith, S./2019-2020 Orchestra or Guitar class fee smith,Sonja All Orchestra 8/25/2016 $25.00
Outstanding Financial Obligation Prior Year AZ411-VAR6 AZ411-VAR6 Outstanding Financial Obligation Prior Year Payments for outstanding financial obligations prior year. foster,regina N/A NA NA $0.00
Parking Boot Removal/Cowley 2017-18 AZ411-136 AZ411-136 Parking Boot Removal/Gilyard/2019-2020 Parking Boot Gilyard,Drayton All NA NA $50.00
Parking Sticker (Seniors) /Gilyard/ 2019-20 AZ411-280 AZ411-280 Parking Sticker (Seniors) /Gilyard/ 2019-20 Only Seniors for the class of 2019-2020 may purchase parking stickers on August 21st 2019 Gilyard,Drayton All NA NA $25.00
Parking Sticker(Jrs/sophmores)Gilyard/ 2019-20 AZ411-281 AZ411-281 Parking Sticker(Jrs/sophmores)Gilyard/ 2019-20 Juniors and sophmores are eligible to purchase parking stickers on August 22nd 2019 Gilyard,Drayton All NA NA $25.00
Parking Sticker/Cowley 2018-19 AZ411-133 AZ411-133 Parking Sticker/(Jr. Marshall's)Gilyard/ 2019-20 Parking stickers for Junior Marshall's who worked gradation June 2019. Purchases made online August 20th 2019 will be checked against the list of Jr. Marshall's that worked graduation. Gilyard,Drayton All NA NA $25.00
Parking Violation/Cowley 2017-18 AZ411-135 AZ411-135 Parking Violation/Gilyard/2019-2020 Parking ticket/violation Gilyard,Drayton All NA NA $5.00
Photography/Elshoff/2019-2020 AZ411-290 AZ411-290 Photography/Elshoff/2019-2020 Photography class fee Elshoff,Kristina N/A NA NA $50.00
Physical Education Fee/Brown/2019-2020 AZ411-284 AZ411-284 Physical Education Fee/Brown/2019-2020 Specialized PE class fee Brown,Kyle All NA NA $10.00
Physical Education Fee/Mayo-Tap/2019-2020 AZ411-282 AZ411-282 Physical Education Fee/Mayo-Tap/2019-2020 Specialized PE class fee Mayo-Tap,Douglas All NA NA $10.00
Physical Education Fee/Skellie/2019-2020 AZ411-285 AZ411-285 Physical Education Fee/Skellie/2019-2020 Specialized PE classes Skellie,Ryan All NA NA $10.00
Replacement Sticker/Parking/Cowley 2017-18 AZ411-134 AZ411-134 Replacement Sticker/Parking/Gilyard/2019-2020 Sticker replacement Gilyard,Drayton All NA NA $10.00
Student Meal Donations/2019-20 AZ411-VAR10 AZ411-VAR10 Student Meal Donations/2019-20 If you would like to donate and assist students unable to contribute to the cost of their school lunch, you can make a donation of any amount. Thank you Conner,Anne All NA NA $0.00
Drama Fee/Allemond/2018-19 AZ411-236 AZ411-236 TECH THEATRE/Allemond/2019-2020 TECH THEATRE FEE Allemond,Lillian All NA 8/27/2018 $25.00
TRANSCRIPT AZ411-279 AZ411-279 TRANSCRIPT Transcript copy paid for online is to be picked up at Hopewell HS Quan,Teresa N/A NA NA $10.00
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