Hickory Grove Elementary

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PreK Field Trips 2019 - 2020 AZ407-40 AZ407-40 PreK Field Trips 2019 - 2020 Reedy Creek - Explore the natural world around & learn about trees. Discovery Place Kids - Opportunity to be engineers, architects, and contractors that work together as a team to build buildings. Spare Time Bowling- Explore the different types of balls, how they are used, and how much force is needed to roll a ball down a ramp Guiles,Ruth N/A NA NA $24.00
The Nutcracker Ballet AZ407-41 AZ407-41 The Nutcracker Ballet Students will be exposed to cultural arts andl be able to apply knowledge that they have been learning during CAT (cultural arts time), especially music and art. -3.C.1: Understand cultural, historical, and interdisciplinary connections with dance -3.CR.1: Understand global, interdisciplinary, and 21st century connections with music -3.CU.2: Understand the traditions, roles, and conventions of theater as an art form -3.CX.1: Understand the global, historical, societal, and cultural context of the visual a Bridge,Abigail N/A NA NA $10.00
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