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Carolina Raptor Center AZ407-43 AZ407-43 Carolina Raptor Center Compare the characteristics of different species of owls and hawks. Classify objects based on physical properties by the sense of touch and exploration. Answer questions about key details in text to further their understanding of the text. Bellardini,Teresa N/A NA NA $8.00
Discovery Place Kids (Charlotte) AZ407-47 AZ407-47 Discovery Place Kids (Charlotte) During this field trip students will interact with various exhibits that will support the science curriculum and inquiry-based learning. Specifically, students will participate in a lab class on animal explorations. The students will discover the wonderful world of animals and travel across the planet to discover unique creatures and their relationship with their environment. Students will investigate the fascinating adaptations that help animals survive in their particular biomes Dachiu,Heather 04 NA 1/4/2019 $15.00
Discovery Place Kids (Huntersville) AZ407-45 AZ407-45 Discovery Place Kids (Huntersville) Students will be able to understand how objects are described based on their physical properties and how they are used. Students will be able to classify objects by observable physical properties (including size, color, shape, texture, weight and flexibility). Students will be able to compare the observable physical properties of different kinds of materials (clay, wood, cloth, paper, etc) from which objects are made and how they are used. Conner,Taylor KI NA 2/19/2019 $18.00
Discovery Place Kids (Huntersville) AZ407-46 AZ407-46 Discovery Place Kids (Huntersville) Students will be able to identify the tools scientist use for observing, recording and predicting the weather. Explore weather patterns and make predictions about the weather. Quick,Katelin KI NA 2/19/2019 $8.00
Yearbook 5th Grade Ads AZ407-VAR3 AZ407-VAR3 Yearbook 5th Grade Ads 5th grade 1/2 page ad $15.00 - 4 pictures maximum White,Cathy N/A NA 12/1/2017 $0.00
Yearbooks AZ407-44 AZ407-44 Yearbooks Yearbooks 12/19/19 - 2/28/20 White,Cathy All NA 1/1/2019 $12.00
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