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Charlotte History Museum AZ407-36 AZ407-36 Charlotte History Museum Students will learn more about colonial Charlotte. Students will travel back to Colonial Charlotte and see the spaces, touch the objects, and hear the sounds of the past. Students will tour the historic Hezekiah Alexander Homesite while learning about the people who lived here 250 years ago. Students will explore a colonial kitchen and learn about the different foods each culture contributed to the Carolina Backcountry. This field trip corresponds to our social studies standard 1.H.1.1. Explain how and why Bellardini,Teresa All NA 2/21/2019 $11.00
Charlotte History Museum AZ407-37 AZ407-37 Charlotte History Museum Parent Volunteers Bellardini,Teresa All NA 2/21/2019 $11.00
Schiele Museum  Hickory Grove Elementary                            AZ407-35 AZ407-35 Schiele Museum The Schiele Museum of Natural History allows science, history and nature to come to life in engaging learning experiences that support the goals and objectives for the North Carolina public schools curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) exhibits including North American Wildlife and Habitats, Dino Safari, Nature Trail and more! Students will also go to Our World program led by a Schiele Museum educator. This program aligns to the 1st grade scien Foligno,Valerie All NA 2/21/2019 $11.00
Yearbooks  Hickory Grove Elementary                            AZ407-23 AZ407-23 Yearbooks Yearbooks 2/1/19 - 67/19 White,Cathy All NA 3/1/2019 $15.00
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