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2nd grade ZOO AZ366-126 AZ366-126 2nd grade ZOO Trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. Each person attending needs to make 2 payments of $21.00, to equal $42 total. You will receive an email notification of payment. Please retain this email. Farmer,Sabrina 02 NA 4/3/2020 $21.00
3rd grade Pinnocchio Play AZ366-138 AZ366-138 3rd grade Pinocchio Play Dramatic presentation of the literary classic Pinocchio. Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts Briandria,Davidson 03 NA 2/20/2020 $10.00
Biltmore Estate STEAM field trip-4th AZ366-121 AZ366-121 Biltmore Estate STEAM field trip-4th $64 TOTAL Each scholar requires 2 payments: 1st must be paid by 01/06/2020. This payment reserves your spot on the bus. If it is not paid by 01/06/19 you can not go. 2nd by 02/03/19 Nickel,Jackie 04 NA 4/8/2019 $32.00
CHAPERONE Camp Thunderbird - 5th grade AZ366-137 AZ366-137 Camp Thunderbird CHAPERONE - 5th grade Payments for Chaperone only. One payment, volunteer status, and teacher approval required. Allen,Samantha 05 NA 4/20/2020 $22.00
Snacks for Camp Thunderbird - 5th grade AZ366-VAR1 AZ366-VAR1 Camp Thunderbird SNACKS - 5th grade Type an amount of how much you would like to contribute for snacks while at Camp Thunderbird. Please type "snacks" when prompted to enter details. Allen,Samantha 05 NA 3/2/2020 $0.00
Camp Thunderbird SPONSOR another scholar AZ366-VAR2 AZ366-VAR2 Camp Thunderbird SPONSOR another scholar Please use this link if you would like to SPONSOR another scholar to go on this trip. When the description field comes up type the student's name you would like to sponsor, or type general donation and then the amount that you would like to give. Allen,Samantha 05 NA 4/6/2020 $0.00
Camp Thunderbird-5th grade AZ366-136 AZ366-136 Camp Thunderbird STUDENT - 5th grade 2 $32 payments required before January 31. Each scholar attending should have 2 $32 payments by January 31, and the third payment by February 21. Third payment option will post after January 31. Allen,Samantha 05 NA 3/2/2020 $32.00
PK Children's Theater AZ366-135 AZ366-135 PK Children's Theater Students will experience a dramatic presentation of "Dragon's Love Tacos" McGuinn,April PK NA 5/1/2020 $15.50
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