Kenwood Middle

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Boys Basketball Donations ET270-VAR6 ET270-VAR6 Boys Basketball Donations Payments made will go directly to the Boys Basketball Team. Funds will be used towards gear, equipment, and team incentives. 0010b00002HJLTtAAP:Kenwood Middle VARIABLE Mcculler,Marqua N/A NA 10/17/2022 $0.00
Choir Business Ad Sales ET270-23 ET270-23 Choir Business Ad Sales Business ad sales for concert programs for Christmas choir and spring concerts. 0010b00002HJLTtAAP:Kenwood Middle FIXED Neumeyer,Robert N/A NA NA $40.00
Girls Basketball Donations ET270-VAR7 ET270-VAR7 Girls Basketball Donations Donations made will be used for Girls Basketball to help with basketball equipment, gear, incentives, and Girl Basketball needs. 0010b00002HJLTtAAP:Kenwood Middle VARIABLE White,Tamika N/A NA 10/17/2022 $0.00
Library Book Fees ET270-VAR5 ET270-VAR5 Library Book Fees This is to be used to pay for lost Library books and late fees. 0010b00002HJLTtAAP:Kenwood Middle VARIABLE Ogburn,Brenda N/A NA 8/31/2022 $0.00
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