Cumberland Heights

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Blessinger-Adventure Science Center ET125-119 ET125-119 Blessinger-Adventure Science Center April 30th 8:45-1:45 Blessinger,Cody 2nd NA NA $11.00
Capps-Adventure Science Center ET125-120 ET125-120 Capps-Adventure Science Center April 30th 8:45-1:45 Capps,Julie 2nd NA NA $11.00
Ferrell-Liberty Park ET125-114 ET125-114 Ferrell-Liberty Park April 24th 9:00-1:30 Ferrell,Peyton Kindergarten NA NA $1.50
McElroy-Adventure Science Center ET125-121 ET125-121 McElroy-Adventure Science Center April 30th 8:45-1:45 McElroy,Tammy 2nd NA NA $11.00
Perry-Adventure Science Center ET125-122 ET125-122 Perry-Adventure Science Center April 30th 8:45-1:45 Perry,Lisa 2nd NA NA $11.00
Pierce-Liberty Park ET125-115 ET125-115 Pierce-Liberty Park April 24th 9:00-1:30 Pierce,Stephanie Kindergarten NA NA $1.50
Rye-Liberty Park ET125-116 ET125-116 Rye-Liberty Park April 24th 9:00-1:30 Rye,Kay Kindergarten NA NA $1.50
Truitt-Liberty Park ET125-117 ET125-117 Truitt-Liberty Park April 24th 9:00-1:30 Truitt,Amy Kindergarten NA NA $1.50
White-Adventure Science Center ET125-123 ET125-123 White-Adventure Science Center April 30th 8:45-1:45 White,Levi 2nd NA NA $11.00
Zimmerman-Liberty Park ET125-118 ET125-118 Zimmerman-Liberty Park April 24th 9:00-1:30 Zimmerman,Amanda Kindergarten NA NA $1.50
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