Pre-K ESE Supply List

School Name: Welleby Elementary School

Grades: PreK

Class: All Pre-K ESE Teachers

Welcome to ! Here are the required school supplies for this coming school year.

  1. 1    Blanket
  2. 1    Change of Clothes ((shorts, shirt, underwear, socks))
  3. 1    Shorts
  4. 1    Shirt (underwear)
  5. 1    Pair of Socks
  6. 2    Package(s) of Baby Wipes Unscented
  7. 2    Box(es) of Facial Tissues
  8. 1    Box(es) of Ziploc® brand Storage Bags, Gallon Size
  9. 1    Box(es) of Ziploc® brand Bags, Sandwich Size
  10. 1    Package(s) of Printer/Copier Paper (ream )
  11. 1    Headphones (set for computer (no earbuds please))
  12. 1    Snacks, Box(es) (Snacks (goldfish, pretzels, animal crackers, etc.) (Pre-K ESE only))
  13. 1    Hand Sanitizer, Bottle(s)

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