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2019 Yearbook "Discount"  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-575 B3861-575 2019 Yearbook "Discount" Get a 10% discount on the 2019 Yearbook. due by 5/16/19 edwards,kristen N/A NA NA $80.00
Athletic Donations  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-VAR1 B3861-VAR1 Athletic Donations Donations towards athletic program. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE DESCRIPTION & ALL TEXT FIELDS. Please be sure your name & donation intention is noted. garcia,kristen N/A NA NA $0.00
CFL Deerfield Beach  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-603 B3861-603 CFL Deerfield Beach Jan.19 Tournament due by 3/15/19 newman,ryan N/A NA NA $25.00
CFL West Broward  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-602 B3861-602 CFL West Broward Oct.22,2019; Debate Tournament. Due by 3/15/19 newman,ryan N/A NA NA $23.00
Culinary Staff  Lunch Account  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-VAR4 B3861-VAR4 Culinary Staff Lunch Account Description: Items & Date for order, Special Instructions & Specify P/U or Delivery, A or B lunch. Purchase Box; Name,Phone & Rm.#. Order must be placed by 9:30am desabatino,robert N/A NA NA $0.00
Engineering  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-568 B3861-568 Engineering Monies materials such as wood, nails, screws etc for projects. kimelstein,howard N/A NA NA $25.00
Jaguar Magnet  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-590 B3861-590 Jaguar Magnet Jaguar Magnet (4x4) ...put on your Car,Truck, Refrigerator.. Be the Jaguar Spirit. Please put student name in the text field upon checkout. See Mrs. Garcia in room #223. to pick up your magnet. garcia,kristen N/A NA NA $3.00
JROTC Coral Glades  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-VAR3 B3861-VAR3 JROTC Coral Glades Donations to Support Cadet of the Year Scholarship Program &/Or JROTC Program support. Please specify in TEXT Box, which program your donation is for; and, your name, address & phone number. Also, specify if you need a tax form. Dean,Charles N/A NA NA $0.00
Parking Decal Jan.-June 2019  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-594 B3861-594 Parking Decal Jan.-June 2019 Parking Decal. Jan 01-June 2019. Please download application from CGHS web-site. Must be completed and turned into Mr. Pindell, per the instructions. pindell,troy N/A NA NA $45.00
Soph Class of 2021 Field Trip 2nd. payment  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-597 B3861-597 Soph Class of 2021 Field Trip 2nd. payment April 18,2019 Islands of Adventure/Universal Field Trip. Please turn field trip forms into Mr. Farris. First payment of $100.00 must have been made by 2/4/19. Payment due by 3/18/19 farris,rojesterman N/A NA NA $80.00
Soph Class of 2021 Field Trip- Full Payment  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-595 B3861-595 Soph Class of 2021 Field Trip- Full Payment April 18,2019 Universal/ Island of Adventure Day Trip. Please turn your Field Trip forms into Mr. Farris. Due by 3/18/19. Non-Refundable farris,rojesterman N/A NA NA $180.00
Transcripts  Coral Glades High School                            B3861-572 B3861-572 Transcripts Upon payment please email or call Jackie Merlin@ 754-322-1271. Ms. Merlin will need the Order Number, from the on-line sale, and the name/address of schools that you need transcripts sent to. merlin,jacquelyn N/A NA NA $2.00
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