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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
19/20YEARBOOK B3061-1035 B3061-1035 19/20 YEARBOOK PAY FOR YEARBOOK NOW BEFORE WE SELL OUT!! kahn,michele All NA NA $25.00
2019-20  Grade 5 Billie Swamp Safari Ms. Maheras (12/18/19) B3061-1036 B3061-1036 2019-20 Grade 5 Billie Swamp Safari Ms. Maheras (12/18/19) This is the final payment for this trip. The total cost includes transportation on a charter bus, T-Shirt, entrance to Billie Swamp Safari all shows and rides. maheras,kathleen 5th NA 12/18/2019 $40.00
Activity Fee for all periods B3061-1037 B3061-1037 2019-2020 Activity Fee Activity Fee for all periods After,Before N/A NA 10/23/2019 $5.00
2019-2020 Late Pick-up Fee B3061-1039 B3061-1039 2019-2020 Late Pick-up Fee Late Pick-up Fee for all periods After,Before NA NA NA $15.00
2019-2020 Registration fee B3061-1021 B3061-1021 2019-2020 Registration fee 2019-2020 Registration fee Godoy,Angela N/A NA NA $30.00
2019-2020 Registration Fee B3061-1038 B3061-1038 2019-2020 Registration Fee Registration Fee for all periods After,Before NA NA NA $30.00
Donation B3061-VAR1 B3061-VAR1 Donation This donation is for the general benefit of all students. If you would like your donation to go to a specific group or cause, please specify in your comments. kahn,michele N/A NA 9/11/2018 $0.00
SUNSHINE DUES 19/20 B3061-VAR7 B3061-VAR7 SUNSHINE DUES 19/20 Please pay correct amount...... Enter your position in the description... $20 Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff~ $15.00 Clerical ~ $10 Educational Support Personnel, Custodians, Nurse and Cafeteria Staff kahn,michele N/A NA 9/20/2018 $0.00
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