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1819 Kindergarten - MODS - 04/12/19 - Chaperones  Sandpiper Elementary School                         B3061-924 B3061-924 1819 Kindergarten - MODS - 04/12/19 - Chaperones This is for the 17 chaperones only Swickle,Ashley Kindergarten NA 4/12/2019 $9.00
After School Care Late Pick Up Fee (2018-19)  Sandpiper Elementary School                         B3061-813 B3061-813 After School Care Late Pick Up Fee (2018-19) All late pick up fees must be paid in full before your child will be admitted for the next period. Please check your e-mail for a PAYMENT NOTIFICATION to verify your payment. Godoy,Angela All NA 8/15/2018 $15.00
Donation  Sandpiper Elementary School                         B3061-VAR1 B3061-VAR1 Donation This donation is for the general benefit of all students. If you would like your donation to go to a specific group or cause, please specify in your comments. kahn,michelekahn N/A NA 9/11/2018 $0.00
SUNSHINE DUES 18/19  Sandpiper Elementary School                         B3061-VAR2 B3061-VAR2 SUNSHINE DUES 18/19 Please pay correct amount...... Enter your position in the description... $20 Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff/ $15.00 Office Staff and Clerical/ $10 Educational Support Staff,Custodians, Nurse and Cafeteria Staff kahn,michelekahn N/A NA 9/20/2018 $0.00
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