Coral Park Elementary

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EOY Luncheon-Sunshine 18-19  Coral Park Elementary                               B3041-1185 B3041-1185 EOY Luncheon-Sunshine 18-19 Use "John Doe" as student name. Use "0" as student number. maietta,marci N/A NA NA $30.00
Mrs. Morelli - Computer Chargers  Coral Park Elementary                               B3041-1137 B3041-1137 Mrs. Morelli - Computer Chargers Computer chargers payment due 6/03/19 Morelli,Kim All NA NA $25.00
Period 8 Pre-K [2018-2019]  Coral Park Elementary                               B3041-1063 B3041-1063 Period 8 Pre-K [2018-2019] Period 8 (3/11/2019-4/11/19) Pre-K Enrichment due on 3/08/2019 NA NA NA NA $414.00
Technology Donation [2018-2019]  Coral Park Elementary                               B3041-1069 B3041-1069 Technology Donation [2018-2019] 2 or more Students-Technology Donation Technology,CPE All NA 5/25/2017 $20.00
Technology Donation [2018-2019}]  Coral Park Elementary                               B3041-775 B3041-775 Technology Donation [2018-2019}] 1 Student Donation for Technology Ocejo,Ruth All NA 5/25/2017 $15.00
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