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Ark Restoration-Facility Rental Fee B1901-300 B1901-300 (19-20) Ark Restoration Church-Facility Rental Facility Rental Fees for Fiscal 19/20 - Period of 7/1/2019 though 2/9/2020. The total amount owed includes a Registration Fee of 4%. Weekly Lease $969.00 Registration Fee $38.76 Sanzari,Chandler N/A NA NA $1,007.76
(19-20) Athletic DONATIONS B1901-VAR13 B1901-VAR13 (19-20) Athletic Department DONATIONS Please make a DONATION to our school, PIPER HIGH, to help out our Athletic Program. Please print-out your e-mail as proof of payment. Sanzari,Chandler All NA NA $0.00
(19-20) Homecoming Dance-9/28/2019 B1901-303 B1901-303 (19-20) Homecoming Dance-9/28/2019 Homecoming Dance at Signature Grand on 9/28/19. Students must complete a Permission Slip. Permission slips can be located in Room B172. Please print out the e-mail as proof of payment. howard,tammy N/A NA NA $59.00
(19-20) Student Parking DECALS B1901-301 B1901-301 (19-20) Student Parking DECALS Student Parking Decals for Fiscal 19/20. Please print your email as proof of payment and submit your application and confirmation number to Mr. Sanzari's office in the Athletic Dept. Sanzari,Chandler 12th NA NA $60.00
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