Cooper City Elementary

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Advertisement Banner Donation B1211-1497 B1211-1497 Advertisement Banner Donation Advertisement Banners ..Please contract Ms. Natalie for instructions. Nogueras,Lorraine N/A NA 7/24/2019 $300.00
Instructional Sunshine Members B1211-1493 B1211-1493 Instructional Sunshine Members Instructional Staff Sunshine Membership for 2019-2020. (Price will go up after October 1) Kastler,Deanna N/A NA 7/24/2019 $30.00
Lunch Fund Donations B1211-VAR9 B1211-VAR9 Lunch Fund Donations Donations for the lunch fund account. Hoffman,Sharon N/A NA 7/24/2019 $0.00
Non-Instructional Sunshine Members B1211-1494 B1211-1494 Non-Instructional Sunshine Members Non-Instructional Staff Sunshine Membership for 2019-2020. (Price will go up after Oct 1). Kastler,Deanna N/A NA 7/24/2019 $20.00
Yearbook Sale 2019-2020 B1211-1595 B1211-1595 Yearbook Sale 2019-2020 Yearbook Sale for 2019-2020 Diehl,Tatum All NA 9/5/2019 $30.00
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