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AICE Exam Retake-2020 B0951-1100 B0951-1100 AICE Exam Retake-2020 AICE Exam Retake $49.90 & processing fee :Fort Lauderdale High School FIXED Payradeau,Deborah N/A NA NA $51.90
AP testing fee B0951-1103 B0951-1103 AP testing fee $95.00 & $3.80 processing fee. Please include the name of the exam and the name of the student that will be taking the exam. :Fort Lauderdale High School FIXED Wray,Melissa N/A NA NA $98.80
ATHLETICS-DONATIONS B0951-VAR30 B0951-VAR30 ATHLETICS-DONATIONS Donations to support Flying L Athletics. Help support the Athletics Department for ALL of our athletes. :Fort Lauderdale High School VARIABLE Lawrence,tj N/A NA NA $0.00
BPA Dues-2021 B0951-1101 B0951-1101 BPA Dues-2021 2021 BPA dues :Fort Lauderdale High School FIXED whitfield,james N/A NA NA $45.00
Florida Blue Key Tournament B0951-1107 B0951-1107 Florida Blue Key Tournament Entry fee :Fort Lauderdale High School FIXED wakefield,james All NA NA $75.00
FOOTBALL-Donations B0951-VAR28 B0951-VAR28 FOOTBALL-Donations Donations to support the Flying L football team. :Fort Lauderdale High School VARIABLE dunbar-iii,richard N/A NA NA $0.00
Girl's Lacrosse-DONATIONS B0951-VAR29 B0951-VAR29 Girl's Lacrosse-DONATIONS Donations to support the Flying L Girl's Lacrosse team. :Fort Lauderdale High School VARIABLE walters,micole N/A NA NA $0.00
NHS dues-2020/21-MANDATORY B0951-1108 B0951-1108 NHS Membership dues-2020/21-MANDATORY Membership dues 2020/21 :Fort Lauderdale High School FIXED dethloff,scott All NA NA $11.00
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