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Adult Edcuation Application Fee  Adult Education                                     CV100-24 CV100-24 Adult Edcuation Application Fee Adult Edcuation Application Fee Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $25.00
Basic Community Class  Adult Education                                     CV100-26 CV100-26 Basic Community Class Basic Community Class Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $25.00
Basic Computer  Adult Education                                     CV100-27 CV100-27 Basic Computer Introduces the basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics, and file management. Develops familiarity with Word, Excel, and more. Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $25.00
Citizenship Class  Adult Education                                     CV100-28 CV100-28 Citizenship Class The Citizenship Preparation program provides opportunities for students to learn about the United States naturalization process. Citizenship courses teach the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills needed to complete naturalization forms and pass the naturalization interview. Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $99.00
ESL Application Fees  Adult Education                                     CV100-25 CV100-25 ESL Application Fees ESL Application Fees Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $40.00
Foreign Language Class  Adult Education                                     CV100-23 CV100-23 Foreign Language Class An introduction to basic Foreign language, history, and culture through a balanced four-skills approach to learning through listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $99.00
Microsoft Certification Class  Adult Education                                     CV100-21 CV100-21 Microsoft Certification Class Microsoft certifications train individuals on implementing Microsoft products into practical business environments. Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $150.00
Para-Professional Training  Adult Education                                     CV100-18 CV100-18 Para-Professional Training Para-pro training fee of $65 Murrell,Juanita All Para Pro Training 9/14/2015 $65.00
Transcript Request  Adult Education                                     CV100-22 CV100-22 Transcript Request Transcript Request Juanita,Murrell N/A NA 12/17/2018 $10.00
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