Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
DRAWING LAB FEE - Pejeau CV098-53 CV098-53 ARTS - DRAWING LAB FEE - Pejeau Lab fee for drawing classes taught by Andrea Pejeau. FIXED Pejeau,Andrea N/A NA 7/1/2018 $25.00
MEDIA ART/3-D/DRAWING LAB FEE - Vaitas CV098-56 CV098-56 ARTS - MEDIA ART/3-D/DRAWING LAB FEE - Vaitas Lab fee for art courses taught by Stan Vaitas. FIXED Vaitas,Vilimantas N/A NA 7/1/2018 $25.00
PAINTING/DRAWING/DESIGN LAB FEE - Munroe CV098-54 CV098-54 ARTS - PAINTING/DRAWING/DESIGN LAB FEE - Munroe Lab fees for courses taught by Kristen Munroe. FIXED Munroe,Kristen N/A Painting/Drawing/Design 7/1/2018 $25.00
PHOTOGRAPHY LAB FEE - Vernon CV098-57 CV098-57 ARTS - PHOTOGRAPHY LAB FEE - Vernon Lab fee for photography classes taught by Dennis Vernon. FIXED Vernon,Dennis All Photography 7/1/2018 $25.00
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