Bull's Blooms Floral Designs - Single Red Rose Bouquets

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Bull's Blooms Floral Designs - Single Red Rose Bouquets
Price: $5.00
Single Red Rose. Flowers for Concerts/Performances/Events @ Hereford High School. Confirmation emails will be sent as a reminder with important pick-up instructions. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The pictures are only examples for a visual. Actual container, colors and flowers may vary slightly depending on availability. ENTER STUDENT NAME THAT THIS PURCHASE SUPPORTS. Thank you for your interest in supporting the Bull's Floral Designs. Please read specific details in the email you received regarding what designs are available for the specific event/holiday you are purchasing an item. All flowers are created by students in the Flower Club and arrangement creations provide opportunities for students to strengthen their skillset as they prepare for their upcoming competition. Proceeds from floral sales will help offset the costs of the Career Development Event competition teams. Email [email protected] with questions.
  • Sponsor/TeacherEdwards,Erika
  • Grade LevelN/A
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