Mrs. Rendulich-Klipper Supply List

School Name: Timonium Elementary School

Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

Class: Mrs. Rendulich Klipper

Welcome to ! Here are the required school supplies for this coming school year.

  1. 1    Backpack - No Wheels
  2. 1    Box(es) of Paper Mate® #2 Woodcase Pencils
  3. 4    Elmer's® Glue Stick
  4. 1    Fiskars Scissors
  5. 1    Crayola® Washable Markers, Box(es)
  6. 1    Change of Clothes (complete set of spare clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) in a selfsealing plastic bag labeled with your child’s name (please rotate for each season))
  7. 1    Art Smock/Shirt
  8. 1    Lunch Box ((and lunch if not purchasing lunch))
  9. 1    Snacks, Box(es) ((sent in daily for our snack time) )
  10. 1    Package(s) of Baby Wipes
  11. 1    Package(s) of Pull-Ups
  12. 1    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (bleach free), Canister(s)
  13. 1    Box(es) of Reclosable Storage Bags, Sandwich Size (Families may donate)
  14. 1    Box(es) of Reclosable Storage Bags, Gallon Size (Families may donate)
  15. 1    Box(es) of Kleenex® Brand Facial Tissues (Families may donate)
  16. 1    EXPO® Dry Erase Markers (Families may donate)
  17. 1    Dial® Liquid Hand Soap (Families may donate)
  18. 1    Clorox Disinfecting Wipes On the Go (bleach free), 9 Count (Families may donate)
  19. 1    Batteries AA (Families may donate)

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