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EI576-VAR8 Dues for Class of 2023 $25.00 for Junior year only $50.00 for Junior and Senior years combined 0010b00002HJDOCAA5:Catonsville HS VARIABLE Watkins,Brittany N/A NA NA $0.00
EI576-VAR6 Dues for Class of 2024 $25.00 for Sophomore year only $50.00 for Sophomore & Junior year combined $75.00 for Sophomore, Junior & Senior year combined 0010b00002HJDOCAA5:Catonsville HS VARIABLE Greg,Hill N/A NA NA $0.00
EI576-VAR7 Dues for Class of 2025 $25.00 for Freshman year only $50.00 for Freshman and Sophomore years combined $75.00 for Freshman, Sophomore & Junior years combined $100.00 for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior years combined 0010b00002HJDOCAA5:Catonsville HS VARIABLE Ports,Tressa N/A NA NA $0.00
EI576-54 Science National Honor Society DUES Annual dues for 2021-2022 0010b00002HJDOCAA5:Catonsville HS FIXED Brown,Torena All NA NA $15.00
EI576-VAR1 Senior Class Dues (2022) 1 yr Class dues $20.00 2 yr Class dues $40.00 3 yr Class dues $60.00 0010b00002HJDOCAA5:Catonsville HS VARIABLE Brown,Torena 12 NA NA $0.00
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