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AP Exam Registration EI566-VAR3 EI566-VAR3 AP Exam Registration For each AP exam your student will take, make a payment of $90.00 (Regular) & $138.00 ( Seminar/Research). Note your student's name, grade and exam (s) in the boxes. If you believe you qualify for a fee reduction contact Mrs. Thomas at mthomas18@bcps.org. In order to calculate exams: If your student is taking 1 regular exam the cost is $90.00. If the student is taking 2 regular exams the cost would be $180.00. If your student is taking 1 Capstone exam (Seminar or Research) the cost is $138.00 0010b00002HJDO7AAP:Pikesville HS VARIABLE Thomas,Megan All NA NA $0.00
Technology Obligation Replacement fees EI566-10 EI566-10 Technology Obligation Replacement fees Fees for: Device Bags Device Charger Device X360 Device Revolve 0010b00002HJDO7AAP:Pikesville HS FIXED Wilson,Robert All NA NA $0.00
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