North Atlanta

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AN130-290 Certificate Of Enrollment Payment for DDS Form 0010b00002HJynXAAT:North Atlanta FIXED James,Miriam N/A NA NA $3.00
AN130-VAR8 HOPE SQUAD This is a suicide prevention organization that is based on peer leadership and school staff support by creating a line of open communication without judgment, as we strive to break down stigma against mental illness. 0010b00002HJynXAAT:North Atlanta VARIABLE Marino,Shellie N/A NA 7/14/2021 $0.00
AN130-146 IB CP/DP Managebac Fees Managebac Fees 0010b00002HJynXAAT:North Atlanta FIXED Costarides,Danielle All NA 5/13/2019 $20.00
AN130-216 NAHS/Parking Pass (Year) Student Parking Permits SY2021 -2022 0010b00002HJynXAAT:North Atlanta FIXED Kaltman,Meredith All NA 7/14/2021 $75.00
AN130-312 Summer Graduation Fee Summer Graduation Fee – for cap & gown, North Atlanta Stole, and Diploma Cover. 0010b00002HJynXAAT:North Atlanta FIXED Hunter,Nancy N/A NA NA $75.00
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