G.W. Carver Primary

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Beanie Hat BK004-414 BK004-414 Beanie Hat Beanie Hat Brown,Toni All NA 7/30/2018 $10.00
Damaged Power Charger BK004-297 BK004-297 Damaged Power Charger Damaged Power Charger Anderson,Janet All NA 10/5/2016 $30.00
Lost Power Charger BK004-353 BK004-353 Lost Power Charger Lost Power Charge Anderson,Janet All NA 5/19/2017 $30.00
Pencil Money BK004-VAR1                             BK004-VAR1 Pencil Money Pencil Money, of G.W. Carver Primary NA NA NA NA $0.00
Registration Fee BK004-409 BK004-409 Registration Fee Registration Fee Brown,Toni All NA 7/18/2018 $15.00
World's Finest Chocolate-money owed BK004-380 BK004-380 World's Finest Chocolate-money owed World's Finest Chocolate-money owed Brown,Toni All NA 3/1/2018 $11.00
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