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AY046-VAR20 8th Grade Boat Trip 8th grade end of the year boat trip fee $75.00. If you can make an extra small donation, It will help many other students. Thanks, 0010b00002HJJGMAA5:Kenmore VARIABLE Joy,Christine 8th NA NA $0.00
AY046-2 Band & Orchestra Instrument Rental Fee Yearly Instrumental Rental Fee 0010b00002HJJGMAA5:Kenmore FIXED Pratte,James N/A NA NA $25.00
AY046-VAR18 IPad Costs Fees Battery - $60 Case - $32 Charger Port - $45 Digitizer - $50 Cracked Glass - $50 Headphone Jack - $50 Home Button - $40 Power Supply - $27.08 USB Cable - $11.96 Complete replacement - $279.01 0010b00002HJJGMAA5:Kenmore VARIABLE Goodman,Michael N/A NA NA $0.00
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