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AY002-VAR16 Class of 2022 Dues-Seniors Class of 2022 dues owed Senior only $60.00 Senior + Junior $85.00 Senior + Junior + Sophomore $110.00 Senior+Junior + Sophomore + Freshman $135.00 Any variation of the above: Senior Year- $60 all other years $25 per year Please indicate in description dues being paid 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Sotomayor,Lourdes 12th NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR10 Classics Club Test National Etymology exam $5.00, National Roman Civilization Exam $5.00, National Latin Vocabulary Exam $5.00 and Medusa Mythology Exam $5.00 Please list the items that you are paying for in the description box. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Kelley,Nora N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR19 Computer fees/IPad fees You can pay for the cost of the ipad or MacBook Air replacement 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Walker,Kyra N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR11 Donation to Student Activities Donation to student activities office and teams 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Weaver,Karen N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR18 Generals Robotics-Donations Thank you for your support of Generals Robotics. Your support will go towards the entry and supplies for our team's participation in the USFirst FRC Competition. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Pereira,Gerson N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR20 Hospitality Dues Teachers/Administrators $30.00 Hourly Workers $10.00 All other staff $15.00 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Mccoart,Dawn N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-45 Junior Class Junior Dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Day,Chameka N/A NA NA $25.00
AY002-46 Sophomore Class Sophomore dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Jackson,Elise 10th NA NA $25.00
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