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AY002-61 Art - Derek Parsons Art- Ceramic I, Ceramic II, Ceramic III, $55.00: Ceramic Supplies 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Parsons,Derek N/A NA NA $55.00
AY002-VAR2 Art- Hiromi Isobe Art II $30.00. Art III $40.00: Sketchbook, Art Materials. AP Studio $50.00: Sketchbook, Art Materials. IB Visual Studio $50.00 Art Materials and Exhibition Fee. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Isboe,Hirome N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR13 Art-Fae Montgomery Photo I, Photo II, Photo III & AP Photo, $50.00: Photo Supplies. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Montgomery,Fae N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR14 Art-Gwenn Zaberer Art I, $20.00: Sketchbooks and Art Materials. Photo I, $50.00: Photo Supplies. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Zaberer,Gwenn N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR15 Art-Teonta Aviles Art I, $20.00: Sketchbook, Art Materials. Ceramics 1, $55.00: Ceramic Supplies 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Aviles,Teonta N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR16 Class of 2023 Dues-Seniors Class of 2023 dues owed Senior only $60.00 Senior + Junior $85.00 Senior + Junior + Sophomore $110.00 Senior+Junior + Sophomore + Freshman $135.00 Any variation of the above: Senior Year- $60 all other years $25 per year Please indicate in description dues being paid 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Sotomayor,Lourdes 12th NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR21 Family/Consumer Sciences Donation Accepting donations to help support service learning projects within class. For Toiletry bags for Doorways (Women's Shelter), Dress a Girl around the World. Soldier Cooke Project. Our classes will be making these items and sending to above organizations. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Roszkowski,Emily N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-60 Freshman Class Class dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Aviles,Teonta N/A NA NA $25.00
AY002-VAR20 Hospitality Dues Teachers/Administrators $30.00 Hourly Workers $10.00 All other staff $15.00 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Mccoart,Dawn N/A NA NA $0.00
AY002-VAR6 IB English Literature HL2 Tempest $5.00 Medea $5.00 Remains of the Day $10.00 The Visit $10.00 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Parker,Kiarra All NA NA $0.00
AY002-45 Junior Class Junior Dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Larsen,Cecelia N/A NA NA $25.00
AY002-62 National Honor Society Club dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Hedderly,Katherine N/A NA NA $10.00
AY002-46 Sophomore Class Sophomore dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Splan,Patrice 10th NA NA $25.00
AY002-VAR24 Track Team Fundraiser Please help the W-L Track team with our fundraiser. We are constantly replacing and upgrading equipment, bankrolling technical timing and other need for our meets. Also financing extravagant pizza fests. Thank you for helping us build a better team, a better school and a better community!! 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Bacon,John N/A NA NA $0.00
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