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Art - Derek Parsons AY002-43 AY002-43 Art - Derek Parsons Ceramics 1, 2 and 3 $50.00 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Parsons,Derek N/A NA NA $50.00
Art Derek Sober AY002-VAR3 AY002-VAR3 Art Derek Sober Art I $20.00. Photo 1 $50.00, Ceramics 1 $50.00, For supplies Sketchbooks, paper, color pencils, graphite, pens, ink, brushes, paints, glue etc. Cameras equipment, photo paper mat-board, tripods, sd cards etc. 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Sober,Derek N/A NA NA $0.00
Art- Erin Bruns AY002-VAR1 AY002-VAR1 Art- Erin Bruns Art 1 $20.00, Photo 1-$50.00 Photo 2- $30.00, Photo 3- $40.00, Photo AP $50.00, Art supplies, sketchbooks, paper color pencils, brushes, glue,paints, graphite, pens Camera equipment/supplies , 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Burns,Erin N/A NA NA $0.00
Art- Hirome Isobe AY002-VAR2 AY002-VAR2 Art- Hirome Isobe Art II $30.00. Art III $40.00. IB HL1 $35.00, AP Studio $35.00. For Art supplies sketchbooks, paper. color pencils, Brushes, graphite, variety of charcoals, paints glue etc 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Isboe,Hirome N/A NA NA $0.00
Donation to Student Activities AY002-VAR9 AY002-VAR9 Donation to Student Activities Enter in your full name, amount of donation and where you would like funds directed in to description box. Thank you for your support! Go Generals!! 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Callaway,Carol N/A NA NA $0.00
Freshman Class AY002-47 AY002-47 Freshman Class Freshman dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Bruesewitz,Jennifer N/A NA NA $25.00
IB English Language & Literature SL Year 1 (Juniors) AY002-51 AY002-51 IB English Language & Literature SL Year 1 (Juniors) This is for Juniors Teachers -Pam Sanchez, Shayma Al-Hanooti, Erica Larsen. Book: Americanah 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Velasquez,Diana 11th NA NA $10.00
IB English Literature HL1 AY002-VAR5 AY002-VAR5 IB English Literature HL1 Juniors This cost of $50.00 is for up to 5 books 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Velasquez,Diana 11th NA NA $0.00
IB English Literature HL2 AY002-VAR6 AY002-VAR6 IB English Literature HL2 Seniors $50.00 up to 5 books 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty VARIABLE Velasquez,Diana 12th NA NA $0.00
Junior Class AY002-45 AY002-45 Junior Class Junior Dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Reed,Katrina N/A NA NA $25.00
National Honor Society AY002-53 AY002-53 National Honor Society Club dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Bennett,Bethany N/A NA NA $15.00
Senior Class AY002-44 AY002-44 Senior Class Senior Class dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Johnston,Kristen 12th NA NA $60.00
Sophomore Class AY002-46 AY002-46 Sophomore Class Sophomore dues 0010b00002XzhG7AAJ:Washington-Liberty FIXED Joackson,Elise 10th NA NA $25.00
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