Edgewater Elementary

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Donations CZ415-VAR28 CZ415-VAR28 Donations Donations for Edgewater Elementary School Sines,Mary All NA NA $0.00
Fifth Grade Magazines Subscriptions CZ415-108 CZ415-108 Fifth Grade Magazines Subscriptions Fifth Grade Magazines Subscriptions Wilson,Karen 5th NA NA $5.00
First Grade Activity Fee CZ415-101 CZ415-101 First Grade Activity Fee First Grade Activity Fee Gardner,Melissa 1st NA NA $10.00
First Grade Aquarium CZ415-117 CZ415-117 First Grade Aquarium First Grade field trip to Aquarium Gardner,Melissa 1st NA NA $10.00
First Grade Magazines CZ415-102 CZ415-102 First Grade Magazines First Grade Magazines Gardner,Melissa 1st NA NA $4.00
First Grade Pumpkin Patch CZ415-111 CZ415-111 First Grade Pumpkin Patch First Grade Pumpkin Patch field trip Gardner,Melissa 1st NA NA $20.00
Fourth Grade field trip CZ415-110 CZ415-110 Fourth Grade field trip Fourth grade field trip to Historic London Town Sylvester,Kathryn 4th NA NA $8.00
Gr 2 Maryland Hall CZ415-122 CZ415-122 Gr 2 Maryland Hall Gr 2 trip to Maryland Hall in February Broyles,Jennifer 2 NA NA $19.00
Gr 3 Opera at Maryland Hall CZ415-121 CZ415-121 Gr 3 Opera at Maryland Hall Grade 3 trip to Maryland Hall Mastroberti,Lila 3 NA NA $14.00
Kindergarten Activity Fees CZ415-99 CZ415-99 Kindergarten Activity Fee Kindergarten Activity Fee Wilson,Cynthia Kindergarten NA NA $15.00
Kindergarten Magazines CZ415-100 CZ415-100 Kindergarten Magazines Kindergarten Magazine Subscriptions Wilson,Cynthia Kindergarten NA NA $4.00
Kindergarten Maryland Hall CZ415-118 CZ415-118 Kindergarten Maryland Hall Kindergarten trip to Maryland Hall Deitrick,Victoria Kindergarten NA NA $16.00
Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch CZ415-109 CZ415-109 Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch Deitrick,Victoria Kindergarten NA NA $12.00
Second Grade Magazine Subscription CZ415-105 CZ415-105 Second Grade Magazine Subscription Second Grade Magazine Subscription Rose,Holly 2nd NA NA $4.00
Third Grade Activity Fee CZ415-106 CZ415-106 Third Grade Activity Fee Third Grade Activity Fee LaBrutte,Julie 3rd NA NA $5.00
Third Grade Magazines Subscriptions CZ415-107 CZ415-107 Third Grade Magazines Subscriptions Third Grade Magazines Subscriptions LaBrutte,Julie 3rd NA NA $5.00
Third Grade Mt. Vernon CZ415-112 CZ415-112 Third Grade Mt. Vernon Third Grade field trip Mt Vernon Mastroberti,Lila 3rd NA NA $20.00
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