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Class 2021-Yearly Class Dues  Chesapeake High                                     CZ227-10 CZ227-10 Class 2021-Yearly Class Dues Yearly Class Dues - $20 per year Tibert,Paula N/A NA NA $20.00
Class of 2019-Class Dues CZ227-7 CZ227-7 Class of 2019-Class Dues Class Dues , N/A NA NA $80.00
Class of 2021 CZ227-9 CZ227-9 Class of 2021 - All 4 Years Class Dues - All 4 Years if paid in Sophomore Year Tibert,Paula N/A NA NA $70.00
Dance - Leotards CZ227-5 CZ227-5 Dance - Leotards Leotards for Dance Class Cronin,Dyana N/A NA NA $15.00
Dance - Tights CZ227-6 CZ227-6 Dance - Tights Tights for Dance Class Cronin,Dyana N/A NA NA $10.00
Donations to Chesapeake High School CZ227-VAR1 CZ227-VAR1 Donations to Chesapeake High School To Be Used For General School Needs Hawkins,Pam N/A NA NA $0.00
Parking Permits CZ227-3 CZ227-3 Parking Permits Student Parking Permits Williams,Trekker N/A NA NA $15.00
Parking Violations CZ227-4 CZ227-4 Parking Violations Parking Violations Williams,Trekker N/A NA NA $15.00
PE Uniforms-Shirts CZ227-2 CZ227-2 PE Uniforms-Shirts PE Uniform Shirts Thompson,Denise N/A NA NA $15.00
PE Uniforms-Shorts CZ227-1 CZ227-1 PE Uniforms-Shorts PE Uniform Shorts Thompson,Denise N/A NA NA $10.00
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