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Donation for Chromebooks Fed ID#52-6000882 CZ224-VAR15 CZ224-VAR15 Donation for Chromebooks Fed ID#52-6000882 Magothy River Middle School is holding a fund drive to purchase additional Chromebooks for Student use throughout the school years. Weishaar,Brenda N/A NA NA $0.00
Donation Student Lunch CZ224-VAR11 CZ224-VAR11 Donation Student Lunch A donation to help minimize outstanding breakfast/lunch account balances, regardless of the students' ability to pay for that meal, throughout the school year. Weishaar,Brenda N/A NA 1/4/2019 $0.00
Water Bottle/Water Fountain Station Donation CZ224-VAR14 CZ224-VAR14 Donation Water Bottle/Fountain Station Fed ID#52-6000882 Your donation will support MRMS in maintaining our Green School status. MRMS is installing a Water Bottle/Water Fountain Station for school use. Students can fill their water bottles and the machine also tracks the amount of plastic bottles that were saved utilizing this machine. Weishaar,Brenda N/A NA NA $0.00
Social Committee Dues 2019-2020 CZ224-VAR13 CZ224-VAR13 Social Committee Dues 2019-2020 Full-Time Faculty Units 1 & 2 is $20.00 Part-Time Faculty Units 1 & 2 is $10.00 Full-Time Staff Members Units 3 & 4 is $10.00 Part-Time Staff Members Units 3 & 4 is $5.00 Linda,Humbert N/A NA NA $0.00
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