Pasadena Elementary

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Select Image Activity No. Activity Name Teacher/Sponsor Grade Course/Class Act. Date Price
Activity Fee/Bennett CZ218-75 CZ218-75 Activity Fee/Bennett accommodation fee Bennett,Krystina N/A NA NA $15.00
Activity Fee/Bond CZ218-88 CZ218-88 Activity Fee/Bond accommodations Bond,Damara 4th NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Bradford CZ218-76 CZ218-76 Activity Fee/Bradford accommodation fee Bradford,Jordan Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
Activity Fee/Bunoski CZ218-84 CZ218-84 Activity Fee/Bunoski accommodation fee Bunoski,Shannen 2nd NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/C. Smith CZ218-89 CZ218-89 Activity Fee/C. Smith accommodations Smith,Caroline 4th NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Clift CZ218-78 CZ218-78 Activity Fee/Clift accommodation fee Clift,Alicia Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
Activity Fee/DeSantis CZ218-92 CZ218-92 Activity Fee/DeSantis accommodations DeSantis,Sara 4th NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/DiGiorgio CZ218-86 CZ218-86 Activity Fee/DiGiorgio accommodations DiGiorgio,Dana 3rd NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Funk CZ218-91 CZ218-91 Activity Fee/Funk accommodation fee Funk,Gredel 5th NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Guzowski CZ218-90 CZ218-90 Activity Fee/Guzowski accommodation fee Guzowski,Kelly 5th NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/J. Smith CZ218-81 CZ218-81 Activity Fee/J. Smith accommodation fee Smith,Jennifer 1st NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Johnson CZ218-74 CZ218-74 Activity Fee/Johnson accommodation fee Johnson,Colleen N/A NA NA $15.00
Activity Fee/Malone CZ218-79 CZ218-79 Activity Fee/Malone accommodation fee Malone,Tori 1st NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Parker CZ218-93 CZ218-93 Activity Fee/Parker accommodation fee Parker,Katherine 5th NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Poniatowski CZ218-85 CZ218-85 Activity Fee/Poniatowski accommodations Poniatowski,Dottie 3rd NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Rutkauskas CZ218-82 CZ218-82 Activity Fee/Rutkauskas accommodation fee Rutkauskas,Veronica 2nd NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/S. Smith CZ218-87 CZ218-87 Activity Fee/S. Smith accommodations Smith,Shelane 3rd NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Taylor CZ218-80 CZ218-80 Activity Fee/Taylor accommodation fee Taylor,Megan 1st NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Turk CZ218-83 CZ218-83 Activity Fee/Turk accommodation fee Turk,Sheila 2nd NA NA $10.00
Activity Fee/Veasel CZ218-77 CZ218-77 Activity Fee/Veasel accommodation fee Veasel,Kate Kindergarten NA NA $20.00
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