Ward Elementary

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Activity No. Activity Name Teacher / Sponsor Grade Level Course / Class Activity Date Price
AM072-65 4th FT Hiddenite-Emerald Gem Mine Harden,Robin N/A Common Core standard goals 2/20/2015 $20.00
Hiddenite-Emerald Hollow Gem mine to learn about minerals/rocks found in NC>
AM072-64 5th FT CLT Speedway/Sea Life Cockerl,LaTonya N/A Common Core Standard Goals 2/20/2015 $29.00
FT to CLT to visit the CLT Motor Speedway & Sea Life
AM072-66 Chorus FT Carowinds Allison,Tonya All Common Core Standard Goasl 2/20/2015 $45.00
Performing at the Carowinds Themed park representing Marvin Ward ES.
AM072-61 Kindergarten FT Clemmons Fire Station Goren,Ada Kindergarten Citizens Obey Rules 1/12/2015 $3.00
Field Trip to the Clemmons Fire Department to learn about jobs and rules pertaining to citizens in the classroom, school, home and neighborhood.